End of the year post

Today is June 26 and there is only two days left of school until summer holidays!! Tomorrow is awards day and on Thursday my class is having a party. French this year was my second year learning a new language which is awesome. This year I learned more then 25 er verbs and i also learned how to count to 100 by tens in french. I think this year was one of my best ever and I cant wait till next year.

                                                                              Thank you Ms. lansdowne

All about me

Le 5 juin


Je m’appelle Riven.J’ai onze ans.J’ai zero soeur et deux frere.J’aime etre a l’extereieur.J’ai les cheveux brun et les yeux brun.J’aime lego et video jeux.J’adore mon chien et mon famille.Je n’ aime pas chats.

Bob Sinclair

My famous french person is Bob Sinclair. He was born in  Douarnenez, France, in 1969. Bob Sinclair is a famous French musician, record producer, electronic music DJ and remixer. He became  internationally famous with successful singles. one of which is called Love generation, which also was one of the official anthems for the 2006 Berlin World Cup.

Valentines day

Valentines day is about love,  kindness and being with people who love you. on valentines day you show your kindness to friends and family by giving them a card, flowers or chocolate.Valentines day was founded by a man named Saint-Valentine. It was made an oficial holiday in 1537 and we celebrate it on the 14th of February.



ER french verbs


Mon nom est Riven je onze ans et j’aime manger.Je deteste chatons et chats. Je habiteren bas kaleva. J’aime danser et jouer jeux de société  je deteste à la maison travail. Je deteste chante Je marche et trajet de bicyclette après l’école.Je parle très rapide et je garde mon jeux de lego de mon bebe frère. Mon maman est impressionnante et elle aime cuisiner. Mon papa est le meilleur jamais. J’ai un bebe frère il est si joli.

Christmas holidays

this Christmas holidays was one of my favorites. my uncle came for Christmas I got so much stuff it was an awesome Christmas. my favorite present was a star wars lego set, its so big. On boxing day I went up Mount Cain with my family to go snowboarding. my mom used the board she got for Christmas it was so munch fun. On new years eve I invited some friends over for a sleep over and we stayed up tell 2:00 am. happy new year every body!!!

Hiver la meteo



                                   Dix pitite floconsde neige.


                                   Est tonbe du ciel en bas a

                                   la ville.


                                   Petite enfants playin dans                                  

                                   Le neige.


                                    La ville de trou couverte.

remembrace day in canada

Remembrance day is on November 11. on remembrance day members of the armed forces (solders) are commemorated. the other common name for this day is Armistice day which marks the date and time when armies in general stop fighting. November 11th at 11am in 1918 marks the end of the first world war in the UK-this date and time was made into remembrance day in commonwealth countries.